3 Benefits of a Great Spring Design

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Springs are used in an endless list of products. They have lots of versatility. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. But what all effective springs have in common is a great spring design. Without a great design, the spring won’t be able to do its job properly, which will render the product it’s used in effectively useless.

The design is the first step of the manufacturing process and it’s the most important one, for good reason. Just the smallest error during the design phase can cause you tons of problems, from wasted time and money to getting a low-quality product that won’t work. Here are three benefits of a great spring design.

1. Tailored for Your Unique Application

A great design is one that is created for your purpose, using blueprints from the product the spring will ultimately be used in. The blueprints will allow the manufacturing experts to calculate the exact configurations of your spring so it works as best as it can. That’s because your design will be specific to your product—the configurations will take into account the force applied, the solid height, and the environment it will be placed in. A great spring design will be custom tailored for maximum performance for its intended application. If the spring isn’t designed to fit your application, it can end up being too weak or too strong, or be built with the wrong materials or in a size that just doesn’t work for your product.

2. Durability

Of course, you want your products to last. But if you’re not designing a great spring, your product will ultimately suffer over the long run. Even if it works effectively at first, it can lose force or shorten under a force when it’s subjected to spring travel over time. Ideally, the spring should go back to its regular shape after unloading, but if it isn’t strong enough, it can get fatigue. A spring that isn’t designed with longevity in mind won’t be effective. Your products depend on the components used to build them, and design should be top priority when it comes to long-term functionality.

3. Save Money, Time, and Your Reputation

When you get a great spring design created the first time around, you’ll be able to save time and money, which is what every business is ultimately looking for from any purchase. A poorly designed spring will only lead to problems: you’ll have to return it to the manufacturer and wait for a replacement, you’ll lower productivity while you wait for your new springs, you’ll lose out on business profits if your products don’t perform optimally due to a badly designed spring, and you can even damage your reputation if your products aren’t working well and you’re getting bad publicity and complaints. With a great spring design, you’ll be able to guarantee top performance and durability for your products, so you know your customers will be pleased with their purchases.

The Important of a Great Design Is Threefold

When it comes to buying springs for any application, you must place a lot of importance on the design phase of the manufacturing process. To ensure that you get a great spring design, go with a manufacturer that has design experts on staff who can help you get the precise configurations and calculations that you need. And don’t forget to request stress and fatigue tests so you can guarantee durability. Your business’s time, money, and reputation depend on it.

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