3 Problems With Buying Custom Bolts and Springs Overseas

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When you are looking for custom bolts for your company’s manufacturing process, you might think the cost savings from buying overseas is worth the extra hassle and waiting time. However, even though overseas manufacturers might be less expensive to buy from, the headaches you will deal with won’t be worth the money you initially save. In fact, you might even end up spending more at the end of the day.

Here are three problems with buying custom bolts overseas, and how it can affect your business.

Worse Customer Service

With an overseas manufacturer, you won’t be able to perform quality checks at the factory or be able to quickly check physical samples to ensure that your custom bolts have been created to your specifications. Sure, an overseas manufacturer might be able to send you samples through the mail, but this takes time, and this additional time spent waiting for your samples will inevitably lower your assembly line’s productivity. This is especially true if the samples don’t match your specifications, and you now have to waste even more time on new samples to be created and shipped to you a second time. Furthermore, communications will be slowed down by the difference in time zones. You can be waiting a full day for a simple response. And, the language barrier between countries can cause unexpected additional communication problems. This barrier can be problematic if the customer service representative misunderstands your needs or questions, or cannot accurately give you the answers or information that you seek.

Slower Delivery

Of course, when you buy custom bolts overseas, you will inevitably have to spend much more time waiting on your shipment to be delivered, especially if it is being shipped on a boat. And if your products are not shipped on time, either because of weather or manufacturer delays, it can take weeks for another boat to have space available for your shipment.

Of course, that’s not all you have to worry about. You will most likely have to deal with issues at customs as well, which can slow down your delivery even more. Instead, if you buy locally, you can rest easy that your shipments will be on time, every time.

Higher Shipping Costs

Importing from overseas can mean that the custom bolts you have ordered are less expensive. However, your shipping costs will be much higher than if you were to buy locally, so you are not saving much money on the deal. Additionally, you can expect to pay extra duty, tax, and handling fees to have your shipment cross the border, too. And, what if your bolts aren’t what you ordered or are defective in some way, you will have to return them to the supplier. Will you be expected to pay for the shipment back to the manufacturer, and the shipment and fees associated with your new, correct order being delivered back to you?

Save Yourself the Hassle and Buy Locally

When you are buying custom bolts for your manufacturing company, you know that any delays in communication or delivery can slow down your production line, which can lead to additional labour costs and wasted time. Buying them overseas can lead to significant problems that can cost your business and can be detrimental to your reputation in your industry. Instead, when you buy your custom bolts locally, you can guarantee great customer service, fast delivery, and lowered shipping costs—all of which can boost your bottom line.

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