5 Problems Agricultural Purchasing Managers Have With Shady Bin Bolt Manufacturers

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An agricultural purchasing manager is tasked with procuring components needed for the manufacturing of heavy-duty agricultural equipment. One of the components an agricultural purchasing manager will need to purchase is bin bolts, which means researching and choosing a bin bold manufacturer for the job. However, not all manufacturers are equal—some produce high-quality parts and have excellent customer service, whereas others offer low quality, are inexperienced, and cheap, which leads to the production of low-quality bin bolts. Here are five problems that can arise from dealing with a shady bin bolt manufacturer.

Low-Grade Products

If your manufacturer is shady, you might find that corners are being cut when it comes to quality. As an agricultural purchasing manager, you know that bin bolts need to be strong. When your manufacturer is using low-grade materials, your component’s tensile strength, yield strength, and proof load will suffer. You no doubt want your products to hold up to the stress and pressure placed on them, so don’t let a manufacturer provide you with cheap, low-grade bolts or your products won’t be able to perform to their maximum.

Low Durability

Just as important as a bin bolt’s strength is its durability. To ensure that you are manufacturing quality products, you need to guarantee that the materials used to build them are top quality as well. When it comes to your product’s durability, you need bin bolts that won’t be damaged by weather damage, rust, leaks, pressure, or wear due to careless threading or installation.

Bad Customer Service

When you are ordering bin bolts, you might have some concerns to voice, questions to ask, or specifications to request. You will likely also want to see samples of the bolts for quality assurance purposes. When you work with a cut rate manufacturer, all of your questions, concerns, and requests might get ignored. Your relationship will inevitably deteriorate and you might not get the products that you need.

Late Shipments

If your manufacturer doesn’t care about your needs or its customer service in general, it’s likely that you will face delays in shipments as well. Some shipment delays are inevitable, but some are completely avoidable. You are on a deadline and you need the bin bolts you ordered to be delivered quickly and on time. Late shipments can drastically slow down your productivity and cause unnecessary headaches and delays.

Additional Costs

If your manufacturer is giving you low-grade, low-durability products, and doesn’t listen to your needs and requests, you will probably end up paying additional costs. The bolt bins you receive might be unusable for your products or not designed to your specifications, which will cost you additional money and time when you need to exchange them for the correct ones. Your issues could have been resolved ahead of time if your manufacturer focused on customer service. What’s more, late shipments can lead to additional labour, inventory, and operational costs that could have been avoided with a reliable, dependable bin bolt manufacturer.

Choose the Best Manufacturer from the Start

As an agricultural purchasing manager, you know how important relationships with manufacturers are, and you know that quality products, timeliness, and customer service are key to maintaining successful relationships with your suppliers and returning to them in the future. If a manufacturer is shady, you will not receive the high-quality bin bolts you requested, and your concerns will fall on deaf ears. You will cost your company valuable time and money. So, do your research and find a reputable bin bolt manufacturer so you can avoid the hassle of dealing with an unreliable one.

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