How to Choose the Right Custom Fastener Manufacturer for OEM

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As an original equipment manufacturer, you are putting your brand on machinery—so you want to ensure that it is of high quality. You want equipment that you can be proud to call your own. This means having the right components, such as custom fasteners, to build the equipment you intend to sell. When searching for the right custom fastener manufacturer for your OEM needs, you might get lost in all the choices—it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Choosing the wrong supplier could be detrimental to your business, so here’s what to look for from your custom fastener manufacturer.


Producing a custom fastener often means creating a complex design based on specific configurations. You need your fastener to fit your machinery like a glove, so even the slightest error in design or production can render it useless for your particular needs. The process needs exact precision. This might make you nervous—what if your configurations weren’t exact and you mass produce a fastener that ultimately doesn’t work for your machinery?

With prototyping, you can feel and test your custom fastener before production, which means you know the component you get is exactly what you need. If it doesn’t work, then you simply have to go back to the design stage and make some tweaks before production and test it again. Custom fastener manufacturers with prototyping abilities can allow you to ensure that you get the right fastener for your project, saving you the time, money, and hassle of an ineffective component.


For you to get the custom fastener you need, your manufacturer needs to have variety—in materials, technology, and machinery. If your supplier isn’t using modern technology and machinery to make your products, you can’t rely on the fact that he will be able to make complex designs come to life with precision and accuracy. What’s more, if you can’t choose the exact material you want, in the length, diameter, and thickness you want, your manufacturer can’t meet your needs.


Creating custom designs can be complex. Because these custom designs need to be accurate and precise, any miscalculation can cost you money and time. It’s best to find a manufacturer that has the expertise needed to help you. A supplier with the knowledge and experience to walk you through the process and give you advice on materials, shapes, etc. can be your most profitable solution to your custom needs.

Customer Service

Without excellent customer service, even the most experienced manufacturer can fall short. You will likely have questions and concerns, want to see samples, and want the reassurance that everything is going smoothly. A manufacturer who won’t spend the time to build his relationship with you to give you peace of mind and help you when you need it or when problems arise isn’t worth forming a business relationship with. A reputable, dependable supplier who knows that customer service is key in business will be with you every step of the way.

Choose Correctly

With the right custom fastener manufacturer, you can ensure that the products you’re putting your brand on are high quality, reliable, and durable. Choose a supplier with prototyping capabilities and a wide variety of materials, technology, and machinery to suit your needs—whatever they may be. Additionally, you should choose a supplier with the knowledge and expertise you need to create the best designs, and the unrivalled customer service that will make your job of acquiring custom fasteners that much simpler and hassle free. Don’t settle—go with the best in the industry.

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