Automotive Wire Forms Design

Case Study

Our customer’s products include automotive components, elevating equipment, and drive train components. They have been in business over 75+ years by developing and designing solutions for their customers in various industries including Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial clients.

They required assistance in confirming a new product design, which would yield the manufacturing output specified and conform to a firm set of tolerance guidelines and specifications. With a designed mating component, our customer was in need of a supply chain partner that had rapid prototyping capability, flexibility and manufacturing capacity to meet their needs.


The Problem

  • Automotive component was designed. Our customer was in need of a supply chain partner that had rapid prototyping capability.
  • During both the prototype stage and production they needed an ongoing dependable supply, variable quantities and just-in-time delivery as their manufacturing capacity fluxuated over time.
  • They wanted the best cost alternative on the market from a reputable and dependable source. After all, their 75 year reputation needed to be upheld
  • They needed understanding of the tolerance requirements of the Automotive Industry and a partner with the ability to create the tools and equipment to manufacture the highest possible quality spring component.

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