Why Quality Is So Important for Industrial Extension Springs

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Extension springs are used to absorb and store energy by resisting a pulling force. They’re meant to oppose extension while pulling the two components that are attached to the ends of the spring back together when they’re pulled apart. Although they seem simple and only have one use, they’re used in many products and they’re an important component that allow the products they’re in to function properly.

They can come in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes, and come with different ends to attach the spring to the source of the force being pulled. The different types of extension springs you can choose from are virtually endless and will depend on the type of product you’re looking to put it in. But regardless of the type you choose, quality is extremely important.

Industrial extension springs in particular need to be high quality in order to resist the strong pulling force effectively. Determining the right industrial extension springs you should use for your intended project can make or break your product. Here are a few reasons why quality is so important for industrial extension springs.


Industrial extension springs are used for heavy load requirements. When choosing a design, you need to keep manufacturing limits and stress levels in mind. A cheap, weak spring won’t be able to resist the force of your heavy loads. You need strong industrial extension springs if you expect to see results. They need to be thicker, larger, and made of stronger material for optimal performance for industrial uses. Typically, spring designs for other applications won’t work properly, springs should be designed for your application.

If you’re in business with a spring manufacturer that doesn’t have experienced design experts on staff who know about industrial demands, you might end up purchasing a spring that is too weak for your intended project. In order for the spring to work properly in your product, your calculations and configurations need to be exact. The wrong size or material can make your springs useless. That’s why it’s best to go with a manufacturer that has industrial expertise, so you can guarantee that your extension springs will be able to handle your load requirements.


People spend big bucks on industrial machinery, so they expect their products to last. They expect them to be able to withstand strong forces and cruel conditions. They expect durability. If the industrial extension springs you’re placing in your products aren’t of good quality, the products ultimately won’t last. The springs will eventually weaken and they won’t be able to resist the heavy force pulling on them like they’re supposed to. Your customers will have to spend money and time repairing the machinery because of broken springs. And they’ll remember the bad quality of your products when they have other industrial purchase needs. But with a high-quality spring, you can guarantee that your products will last, so you can keep your customers happy and loyal for years to come.

Help the Spring Do Its Job

Extension springs only have one job: to resist a heavy pulling force by absorbing and storing energy. If you’re using a spring that is low in quality, then it won’t be able to perform its job effectively, making it useless. When you’re manufacturing industrial machinery, you need top-notch quality in all of your product’s components. Going with cheap, low-quality springs to save money can be detrimental to your whole project. Strength and durability are just too important to compromise on. The problems that come with using weak industrial extension springs aren’t worth the few dollars you might save with a lower-quality material or a design that is not suited to the application.

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