Why the Future of Grain Depends on High Quality Bin Bolts

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Our future as a society depends largely on the farming industry. And the future of grain within the farming industry depends on high quality bin bolts. Your crop needs to be stored safely in a bin that is structurally sound. Even though the bin bolt seems small and insignificant, it has a big part to play in the future of grain. Here’s why.

Keep Your Crop Safe from the Outside Elements

The weather is a harsh mistress. Downpours of rain, thick snow, intense winds, hot and humid temperatures—they can all wreak havoc with your crop if they were to seep into your bin. Wet grain in particular can significantly lower the value of your crop—moisture causes odours and mold, and no one wants to buy stinky, moldy food products.

Your bin bolts need to be able to stand strong against the elements, not weaken or break due to corrosion. If just one bolt isn’t up to par and breaks, it will leave an opening for the elements to get into your bin and affect your crop. And if you’re dealing with a flood, more bolt holes can be stretched and your bin sheets can tear from the pressure. Then you have an expensive repair project on your hands.

But with strong bin bolts, this won’t happen. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your crop is protected from the harsh weather conditions.

Keep the Bugs Out—Avoid Infestation

Do you really want creepy crawly bugs climbing all over your crop and eating it? Not only is it gross but it’s also unhealthy and unsafe. Just as no one wants to buy moldy food products, no one wants to buy grain filled with bugs, either.

You need high quality bin bolts to create a tight seal in order to ensure that insects have no way to get into your bin. Cheap bolts can cause holes in your bin, which is all the opportunity bugs need to get to your supply. Buying cheap bolts just isn’t worth the risk of dealing with an infestation.

Stay Profitable

The old saying applies here: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sure, you could save money up front by buying cheap bin bolts, but don’t start counting your savings yet. The decision will come back to bite you when the bolts break and you have to pay the costly repairs to get your bin back in order.

When buying bin bolts, you need to think of them as an investment in your future: the better protected your harvest is, the more money you can make from your crop when none is wasted. You can stay profitable when you can sell more of the products you’ve harvested. If you’re throwing out half your crop because of mold, and have to pay for bin repairs, you’ll have a hard time making a profit, which isn’t good for business.

Protect Your Business

Grain harvesting is a business. You already have enough costs to deal with, so keeping your crop sufficiently protected from the elements and from infestation is important. When you risk the integrity of your grain bin in order to save a few bucks by buying low quality bolts, you put your crop and your profit margin at risk, too.

Save yourself the hassle of stinky, moldy, bug-infested crops and save yourself from the additional cost of repairs by protecting your bin from the start with high quality bolts. The future of grain depends on it, after all.

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