3 Reasons Why Creating 3D Wire Forms are an Advantage

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While searching for a wire form manufacturer, it might be daunting to find the best supplier for your company’s particular needs. Though all suppliers are similar, they all have their own unique strengths and capabilities. In order to find a manufacturer that can create the precise wire forms that fit your business’s needs, you should search for one that specializes in creating 3D wire forms. With 3D technology, the machinery feeds the wire until the material is bent at the desired angle. Here are three reasons why using 3D wire form technology is an advantage for your bottom line.

Reduces the Need for Additional Operations

For a complex application, your manufacturer may need multiple 2D wires to create exactly what you need. This means additional welding operations to combine all the numerous wire parts and secondary bending operations to meet your precise specifications. With 2D, your simple wire form has become a complicated undertaking. With 3D technology, however, the operation is quick and simple—and most importantly, accurate. It can create the most complex wire shapes for your business needs with the precision and accuracy that you can rely on for guaranteed quality.

Reduces Costs and Time

All the additional welding and bending operations that are needed with 2D wire form manufacturing will inevitably cost you more money. What’s more, waiting for all these different processes to occur takes time, which means that your productivity will decrease while waiting on your parts to be shipped. You need your wire form manufacturing to be quick and efficient, which is exactly what you get with 3D technology. You will save yourself the potentially devastating waste of time and money when you find a manufacturer that uses the latest wire form technology.

Allows for Unique Designs

When you use a manufacturer that produces high-quality 3D wire forms, you will be able to design your equipment with little worry that the supplier won’t be able to make a wire form that works within the application. This means that you get exactly what you need to fit the equipment that you have—you do not have to settle for subpar designs or applications. Regardless of how complex your wire shape may be, 3D wire form machinery can get the job done to your specifications so you can breathe easy and move on to other business responsibilities. 

Go 3D and Get the Benefits

You are sure to benefit from the creation of 3D wire forms. You will reduce the need for additional welding and secondary bending operations, which will in turn save your company from the wasted time and money needed for 2D wire form manufacturing. Most importantly though, your company will get the unique wire form designs that it needs in order to have equipment that functions efficiently and profitably. 2D technology in wire form manufacturing is a thing of the past. In order to stay ahead of the competition and grow in the future, go with 3D technology for your wire form manufacturing needs and reap the benefits.

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